iphone app download and instructions

iphone app download and instructions




Connection (AP mode)

1.Please reset the camera when the first time use.

Press and hold the RESET button for 2 seconds, the blue light flashes quickly, and then let go. After 3 seconds, the blue light flashes slowly, indicating that the camera has been reset successfully.

2.Short press the ON/OFF button, the blue light flashes slowly, the camera starts and enters the AP hotspot mode, the AP hotspot is established successfully, indicating that the camera has started successfully.

3.Turn on the mobile WLAN and find the open WiFi such as “XIAODOU-XXXXXX-XXXXX” and connect.

4.After the mobile phone connects to the AP hotspot, open the Xiaodou app, and the camera is successfully added in AP Mode.

5.If there is no camera in the APP in AP Mode, you can click the ⊕-”AP connection” –and click the top right corner , click “Search”, and then click the device to add it.

WiFi Remote Mode Setting

1. In AP mode, click the settings button Set icon, or click “Configure Network” on the operation interface, select WiFi settings, select your WiFi (only support 2.4G, composed of numbers or alphabet, no special symbols), enter the WiFi password to connect to the Internet, and enter the WiFi Remote Mode.

2. When the camera is successfully connected to WiFi, the blue light is always on.

3. If the camera blue light still flashing, it means that the camera is not successfully connected to WiFi. Please check the WiFi password, reset the camera and operate again.

As follows:

APP Interface Introduction

1. Search for LAN devices

2. Add devices

3. Click to enter the viewing interface

4. Camera settings

5. TF card video playback

6. Edit device name

7. Device list

8. View historical video and take photos

9. User Center

1. The image is flipped up and down, left and right

2. IR night vision switch

3. Definition switching

4. Full screen viewing

5. Configure network in AP mode

6. Real-time recording and take pictures

7. Indicator switch

8. Device audio monitoring

9. TF card video playback

1. QR code can be used to add or share the camera

2. Firmware version

3. Click the QR code to share the device

4. Wifi settings

5. Password change (initial :6666)

6. TF card viewing and formatting

7. Restart the camera

8. Restore factory settings

9. Delete device