Android app download and instructions

Please download the app from the google store by clicking the link below:


365Cam supports Android and iPhone, you can download it from google play or app store.


Indicator status

Charging indicator (blue): Long light when charging, off when full
Work indicator (red): Blinking/long light is on state
Slow flash (red): ap hotspot mode
Long light (red): camera is successfully connected to wifi
Fast flashing (red): camera connection failed, wifi password input error

When the 365Cam camera working state is unknown, please reset the camera to restore factory settings (press and hold the camera reset button for more than 5 seconds), the camera reboot after opening the AP mode, wifi indicator slow flash (3 seconds flash once).

Connect 365Cam Camera To Wifi

1. Click “+” to add a 365Cam camera. Click “Device AP Network Configuration”.

2. Select WiFi and enter the password, click “Next” and then click “Go to WiFi Configuration”

3. Jump to the WIFI connection page and select (“DGO”, “DBG” “HTM “TUT”) of the WIFI hotspot and connect.
Return to the App after successful connection, the camera is added successfully. (If the APP does not add the camera automatically, you can click Searchto add the searched device)

AP Mode

This mode 365CAM camera cannot be used remotely.

1. Click “+” to add a camera. Click “Device AP Network Configuration”.

See also  365cam Camera FAQ and Troubleshooting

2. Click “Go to WiFi Configuration” to jump to the WIFI connection page and select (‘DGO-XXX-XXX’, ‘HT-XXX-XXX’, ‘TUT-XXX-XXX’) WIFI hotspot and connect.

3. After the connection is successful, return to the 365Cam App, and the camera is added successfully. (If the APP does not automatically add the camera, you can click Search to add the searched camera)

365Cam For Pc

365Cam cameras are not supported on computers, but in other ways, you can use the cameras on windows and mac computers.

Install Android emulator on your PC, then you can install 365Cam app on your PC, and use it in the same way as your mobile phone.